Manage your files with Dubidot

Dubidot’s Media Asset Management solutions help enterprises to manage their rich media files for usage in print, Web, TV and social media. The architectural flexibility speeds time to market and ultimately provides substantial cost-savings over traditional systems. The Dubidot Corporate Brand Processing Guidelines offer a comprehensive and intuitive approach to making brand resources accessible to and usable by all corporate stakeholders, including employees, business partners, investors and customers.

IBM’s open source Linux on Power systems helps reduce costs of delivery while supplying the highest security and performance in order to maintain the massive volumes of data for transcoding, analyzing and distributing to all communication channels.

10 good reasons for choosing Dubidot

  • All media formats can be imported
  • All files are available around the clock on all mobile devices
  • Simple roles and user management
  • Individual rights for categories, media and attributes
  • Categorising at ingest, edit or by workflow
  • Video, audio, documents and images are converted and can be played or viewed immediately
  • Real-time distribution in all communication channels
  • Intelligent searches ensure that all media are always found
  • Automatic creation of derivatives and role-based access
  • The system grows with your needs – scalable for unlimited users

The standard product Dubidot has been realised for marketing and brand asset management solutions in enterprises, medium-sized businesses, agencies and for creatives. Dubidot is fully scalable at every time and can be handled easy and intuitive via web surface. You can use Dubidot in a private cloud, in a public cloud or on local servers. Dubidot provides all functionalities for processing, storage, administration, structuring, long term archiving and publication for information data of all formats.

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