Benefits for Enterprises

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Dubidot has developed an enterprise class Media Asset Management Solution. The Software is a fully matured, web based application to manage all digital assets within your company, production plant, photo-studio or where ever you want. Together with IBM PureApplication technology in the IBM PureSystems environment Dubidot has the potential to drastically improve your productivity and reduce costs for your organization. Dubidot combines the flexibility of a general purpose system for digital assets, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance. It is integrated by design and comes with built in expertise gained from decades of experience to deliver a simplified IT experience.

The combination of Dubidot and IBM PureSystems will help businesses simplify deployment and ongoing operations of the Dubidot solution. Accelerating implementation times and reducing operation and maintenance efforts result in fewer IT resources needed, lower costs, and a faster time-to-value.

PureSystems is a new class of expert integrated systems that combine the flexibility of a general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance. Expert integrated systems fundamentally change the experience and economics of IT.

Dubidot has now enabled its solution on the IBM PureApplication System. The optimization of our Media Asset Management Solution on IBM PureSystems empowers our joint customers to realize improved time to value with faster deployment with leveraging already existing hardware and software resources. Consolidated servers and application workloads achieve efficiencies in resource usage, improved performance, and reduced management complexity. For more information, please visit

The IBM PureApplication System is a platform system designed and tuned specifically for transactional web and database applications. This workload-aware, flexible platform is designed to be easy to deploy, customize, safeguard and manage. Whether you operate in a traditional or private cloud environment, the Dubidot on IBM PureApplication System can provide you with superior IT economics.

Running Dubidot on systems with integrated expertise can help you achieve greater agility, enabling you to adapt to workload spikes and to deliver new business capabilities. You can increase efficiency by consolidating IT resources and raising productivity and you can improve simplicity for ease of management, deployment and integration. And the IBM PureApplication System helps you enhance control to help reduce risk and to help ensure reliability.

Imagine if we were living in a world without wait. That’s the waitless world. The world ushered in by IBM Power Systems™. Where terabytes of data can be handled in milliseconds — 5 to 10 times faster than today’s supercomputers. It’s a world where everything is open. And cloud economics makes it all affordable.
IBM Power Systems - Welcome to the waitless world (
All Dubidot systems run on a Linux operating system. The approval of Dubidot Software on Linux on Power by IBM helps in the implementation of high performance and secure MAM solutions, anywhere - whether on premise or in the cloud.

IBM Watson was built on Linux on Power Systems. Dubidot uses IBM Watson services for analyzing pictures, Video files and their use. IBM and Dubidot are working together on a concept for an automatic generation and translation of descriptive metadata. Films will be indexed with 100% frame-precision.