Dubidot standard software

By offering three product groups, we can map the media asset management requirements of global companies with internationally diverse locations as well as those of the small agencies. In order to make you a serious offer, we need some information from you, which we will go through with a checklist.

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  • Core license
    Dubidot Software
  • Pay-as-you-go or buy

  • Price consists of
    number of cores

  • Best for big teams with external work groups

  • Optimized for
    cloud and hybrid solutions
  • License for unlimited storage

  • Flexible contract period

  • The license includes
    the most used modules 


  • Named user license
    Dubidot Software
  • Pay-as-you-go or buy

  • Price consists of
    number of cores + number of users

  • Best for work groups up to 50 people

  • Optimized for
    on-premise solutions
  • License for up to 100 TB storage

  • Flexible contract period

  • Order from all modules,
    according to your requirements


  • Software as a service
    Cloud server + Software
  • Pay-as-you-go

  • Price consists of
    cloud server infrastructure + storage

  • Best for a  quick and easy start

  • Optimized for
    complete cloud solution
  • Cloud storage: from 200 GB up to 75 TB

  • No minimum contract period

  • Order from a selection of modules,
    according to your requirements

The modules of the Dubidot standard software

  • Dubidot REST

  • Dubidot SyncServers

  • Dubidot Hotfolders

  • Dubidot Workflow

  • Dubidot CheckinCheckout

  • Dubidot SecureCopy

  • Dubidot BagIt

  • Dubidot LiveLogging

  • Dubidot Mux

  • Dubidot Sequence

  • Dubidot ImageEdit

  • Dubidot Share

  • Dubidot Subscribe

  • Dubidot Actions

  • Dubidot Queries

  • Dubidot Notes

  • Dubidot AnalyticsLocators

  • Dubidot AnalyticsSpeechToText

  • Dubidot AnalyticsTextToSpeech

  • Dubidot AnalyticsTranslator

  • Dubidot AnalyticsFaceDetection

  • Dubidot AnalyticsObjectDetection