The Corona-Pandemic will speed up the evolution of work. Working from home will be the future. Productivity will increase. All you need is the right digital tools to provide the perfect online functionality and security.

We will be glad to present you Dubidot HOMEOFFICE PRO: The perfect way to carry out your tasks from home.

Dubidot – the future of work, the better way to work.

Examples of use

Proxy Workflow
Automatically generated proxy files with same-as-source resolutions allow easy transport and processing of the material from home.

LiveTV broadcast
The involvement of protagonists who are at home in the live broadcast places demands on a high broadcast quality, paired with a return channel for the stage directions, and the whole GDPR-compliant on German or Swiss servers.  

Localization and synchronization
Speakers interact with the director from home. The sound is brought in the best quality towards the studio via one channel, while the compiled result is transported on the other channel with the instructions of the director.

Cloud meetings
After the meeting has been carried out and all participants have been approved, the recording of the meeting is automatically provided with metadata for further searches and is available as video-on-demand based on rights.

Dubidot Live Stream

Dubidot Smart Broadcast

In order to keep an overview of all digital media on different servers, organizations need a managing Software. With Dubidot Software all media and related metadata can be found quickly by authorized persons and applications.

Dubidot's media asset management solutions help companies manage their rich media data for use on the Web, TV, print and social media. 

Higher productivity and safety for TV producers and broadcasters

Increasingly better resolutions and better cameras mean that the amount of processing data grows as it rotates.
Dubidot has solutions that help you reduce data in a simple and secure way. In the post, only the data arrive, which should also be processed.

Efficient provision of content for small, medium and large enterprises

The organization of unstructured data is becoming a critical success factor for more and more companies.
With Dubidot these companies can shorten their "time to market" by better communication and shorter reaction times and thus save enormous costs.

Future-oriented compliance with the requirements for long-term archiving

Since the cost of indexing is too costly, many media such as old films or books for the future have not been preserved since then.
With Dubidot's cognitive indexing and easy-to-build workflows, this step is largely automated.

Dubidot's media asset management solutions help companies manage their rich media data for use on the Web, TV, print and social media.

Media workers, broadcasters and archivists can manage their growing volumes of unstructured rich media content, such as video, audio, film, animations, photos and documents, starting by the planning, the verification of media and ingest, over transcoding, collaboration and presentation, up to the preservation and long term archiving.

Dubidot's cognitive abilities with speech to text and image recognition during indexing speeds time to market and ultimately provides substantial cost-savings over traditional systems.

Dubidot is fully scalable and can be easily and intuitively operated via the web interface - in the cloud, on your servers or as a hybrid solution.

  • Automatic categorization for recording, editing and workflow

  • Video, audio, documents and images are transcoded and can be played or viewed instantly on any web browser

  • Real-time distribution of media in all communication channels

  • Hotfolder with automatic recording and creation of derivatives and role-based access

  • Direct editing of the media in the respective applications via checkout and checkin

  • Synchronize multiple servers in a hybrid solution