Scalable architecture

You orchestrate the components according to your needs. If you're running a video channel that's supposed to handle thousands of large files, then you'll need multiple streaming servers that can easily (stateless) deliver that video. With Content Delivery Network, you can always deliver consistent performance. With Dubidot you have everything you need to solve such complex requirements in a simple way.

Cognitive analytics services

Executable on your preferred platform

Especially with your in-house solutions, you can decide on which operating system the Dubidot software should run:
Large servers with Linux or AIX, medium systems under Windows or OSX or even laptops with Windows or OSX, which you want to use in your productions.





Dubidot as an on-premise solution, in the cloud or as a hybrid system

Especially with large volumes of data that need to be transferred quickly, the on-premise solution can be used on one of your servers. If your policies dictate that your data can only be used on the closed network, then this in-house solution is also the right one.

Cloud solutions are secure and ready for use very quickly. You do not have to worry about servicing the servers. By default, all data is backed up multiple times and the software used is always up to date.

Hybrid solutions bring the benefits of on-premise and cloud solutions together. Big and delicate data is managed in your house. For external communication with your partners and customers, the data is (partially) synchronized to the cloud. For example, video portals or web pages can get their data directly from the cloud instance.

On-premise solution

Cloud solution

Hybrid solution