Media Asset Management

  • Locators - scene detection, frame based indexing and creating rough cuts

  • Media Analytics - speech to text, image and face recognition

  • MUX - matching MXF Video and Audio files directly via the web browser 

  • Scene generation by collecting clips and sub clips

  • Live Logging - easily indexing (candidates, actions, hash-tags) live streams on mobile devices and desktops

  • Ingest - rule based recording of media including all technical metadata and generating proxy files in compliance with requirements of cutting systems

  • Workflow - for planning, ingest, indexing, sharing, distributing and archiving

Digital Asset Management

  • Workflow - Customizable workflow for planning, recording, indexing, sharing, distribution and archiving

  • Sharing and subscribing - share media areas quickly and distribute through social media channels and subscribe media content

  • Media Analytics - cognitive media coverage via OCR, speech to text, image and face recognition

  • Licensing - to manage image and media rights

  • Validation of media - to check the quality of a medium for specific issues such as print or web

  • Hotfolder and Sync - automatic media capture and rule-based synchronization of content between different servers

  • Image editing - rotate, crop and flip images directly from the web browser

Long-term archiving 

  • SecureCopy - all data exchange processes are logged and stored in a revision-proof manner 

  • BagIt - for long term archiving the bag consists of content, all created metadata and the life cycle information

  • Workflow - supports all steps in an easy-to-use interface for digital, hybrid and analog film workflows

  • Cloud - sharing workloads and allows to leverage on premise systems with off premise systemsfor video channels and press portals

  • Life Cycle Management - all information about a medium from planning to archiving can be traced in a history